Saturday, 23 June 2018

Hello again, its been a while!

Update 23/6/18

Hi there, its been a while!!

We're not sure how many of you still come on here to have a look? We hope some of you have been coming back to re-read our stories and to admire Mrs Os perfect form! ;) 

Anyway, we can only apologise for not keeping things updated but hopefully you will come back and follow our story because quite a bit has happened during our years of absence! I (Mr O) will try and retrace our steps and share some of the messages and texts we have shared with each other and others as we have been trying to spice our sex life up! It has felt like slow progress but we are getting there and we hope some of you get in touch to let us know how you think we are getting on...

Our journey into the lifestyle continues and we look forward to you coming for the ride with us...

Mr & Mrs O

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Quick fantasy 2

Quick fantasy 2
You know that I think about you fucking 'A' (your friends husband)… how I think you would love to feel him between your legs… well I imagine that you meet him every Friday morning for a good fucking! 
I imagine that your affair started when you both used to take the kids swimming. Now they are at school your swimming meetings slowly turned into coffees to kissing and eventually wild fucking where you let him do anything to you!
After 'C' ('A's' wife) said that the stockings you were wearing at the New Years eve party would have driven him wild had he been watching as you showed her them, I imagine that he has you wear them for him every Friday as he slips you his cock!
I just want you to know that if you ever did got the chance to fuck him I would want you to tell me, you would have my blessing (in fact, that goes for anyone you want to!!!)… Oh, and I wouldn't tell 'C'! I would love hearing about your naughty exploits…

The day after writing this….
Haha, I wrote this last night and imagine what I was thinking when you said you bumped into 'A' today when you were out for a cycle and went for coffee!! Did the thought ever cross your mind that you could take him home and have him?… if not, this note will make sure it enters your head from now on…. hehe!

Quick Fantasy 1

Quick fantasy 1
This is crazy but every time you come back from our local spots shop (you know the name!) telling me how friendly and helpful the owners been, I have started to include the scenario in my fantasy world and just thought you might like to hear my thoughts! 
I imagine that you have just come back from a meeting and are wearing a skirt with the opaque Agent Provocateur hold ups I bought you underneath and your healed boots. You pop into the shop as you need some new trainers and instantly he is pleased to see you, looking you up and down in an admiring (not sleazy) way. 
You tell him you are looking for some running shoes and he ushers you to the back of the shop to take a seat whilst he goes to get you some trainers to try on. He comes back carrying some boxes and gets down in front of you to help you try them on… before you know what is happening he is unzipping your boots, holding your calf and sliding the boots off your feet. You get an electric tingle up your leg to between your legs as this older man touches your legs and removes your boots. A light sigh leaves your mouth and he looks up and smiles as he laces up the first trainer.  He seances that you are enjoying his attention and you decide to loosen up, lifting the hem of your skirt slightly and offering him your foot to put the trainer onto. He catches your leg and says you should really put on some sport socks over your tights to make sure the fit is suitable. You smile and tell him you are not wearing tights and that socks would be a great idea. He grins and you start to feel his hand running up your leg as if he wants to check for himself that you are wearing stockings. The tingle between your legs has come back and you slide forward on the stool allowing him a close up view of your stocking tops and panties. His hand traces a line past your stockings and rubs the bare skin between the tops of your stockings and your panties… 'Hadn't you better close for lunch?' you whisper to him with a smile as you get up and start walking towards his the stock room!
And thats how I imagine your affair with the sports shop owner starts… hehe If you want, he could become your regular lover?…

Friday, 30 August 2013

Photo Fun!

Is been AGES since I've added to the blog so apologies to those of you that have been expecting quicker updates... I just wanted to share some rather HOT pictures of Mrs O with you that we took last week. All the underwear and stockings are from Agent Provocateur and set her legs and body off to perfection! Hope you enjoy too and we would love to hear your comments...

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Holiday time again

As holiday time approaches, I have put together a questionnaire game that I found online that I can play with Mrs O.... I'll hopefully let you all know how it went when we get back and post up Mrs Os replies!

1) How may sexual partners have you had other than your current husband?

2) How old were you when you lost your virginity?

3) How old were you when you first masturbated to orgasm?

4) The first penis you ever saw; who did it belong to?

5) The first penis you ever touched, who did it belong to?

6) The first penis you ever made ejaculate, who did it belong to?

7) The first penis that made you orgasm, who did it belong to?

8) To whom did you give your first blowjob?

9) Where did he cum?

10) If in mouth, did you swallow?

11) Did you enjoy the taste of cum?

12) Do you now enjoy the taste of cum?

13) Have you ever had intercourse with more than one man in a 24 hour period?

14) Have you had sex with more than one man at a time?

15) Have you fantasized about having sex with more than one moan at a time?

16) Of your past sexual partners, who had the smallest penis?

17) Of your past sexual partners, who had the largest penis?

18) Have you masturbated to thoughts of someone other than your husband since you have been married?

19) Does a large penis excite you more than an average penis?

20) Have you ever had anal intercourse?

21) Have you had anal intercourse with anyone other than your husband?

22) Have you ever engaged in role-playing?

23) If so, with whom and what was the role play?

24) Have ever had sex in a public place?

25) Does the thought of sex in a public place excite you?

26) Have you ever had sex with a women?

27) If the circumstances were just right, would you have sex with a women now?

28) Does the idea of performing oral sex on a women excite you?

29) Do you think penis size makes a difference in the quality of a sexual experience?

30) Would you be capable of watching your lover have sex with another women?

31) Would you be capable of having sex with another man while your husband watched?

32) If you had to do one or the other, which would it be?

33) Has a man ever performed oral sex on you after intercourse?

34) Would you like a man to perform oral sex on you after intercourse?

35) Where is your favorite place on your body to have your lover cum?

36) Do you like to be looked at naked?

37) Do you like looking at naked women?

38) Do you like looking at naked men?

39) What is your favorite female body part?

40) What is your favorite male body part?

41) Have you ever wished your lovers penis was smaller?

42) Have you ever wished your lovers penis was larger?

43) Have you ever been tied up during sex?

44) Have you ever tied up your partner during sex?

45) Does being sexually submissive excite you?

46) Does being sexually dominant excite you?

47) Have you ever fantasized about being raped?

48) Have you ever fantasized about incest?

49) Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about a celebrity?

50) Have you ever fantasized about sex with someone of a different race?

51) What is the most amount of orgasms you have had in a single day?

52) What is the longest period of time you have gone between orgasms?

53) What is the most times you have cum, in one night from sex with a man?

54) If that man was not your husband, is there any way he could equal that amount?

55) If you had to choose one sexual position or act for the rest of your life, what would it be?

56) What do you consider to be the greatest orgasm of your life?

57) What made it so?

58) Would you rather have amazing sex with someone you were not attracted to or bad sex with someone you were very attracted to?

59) If you had to choose for the rest of your life between a penis way too small or way too big, which would you choose?

60) If you had one major sexual fantasy, that your husband does not know about, what is it?


Monday, 30 May 2011

The Library

Mrs OSM has left for the library to do some studying for her course which has made my mind wander off to what my fantasy mind would like her to be doing instead of going to the library....

As you left this morning for the library I thought nothing of the large bag you had with you. After all you have a lot of books for your studies. Clearing up the house I noticed that the pair of tan nylons you wore to our friends wedding last week had been taken off the line and curiosity got the better of me! I went to your underwear draw and could not find the stockings anywhere, hmmmm. Looking in your cupboard I noticed that the box you keep your Agent Provocateur underwear was slightly opened. Looking inside, your waspie and quarter cup bra were missing. What are you up to? I could feel a stirring in my cock as the most erotic of thoughts started appearing in my mind.

I was not sure how to play this. Surely there was a perfectly good reason for these items going missing?

After half an hour of climbing the walls with wonder I send you a casual text to try and coax out some information.

'Are you at the library yet?'

Half an hour passes before my phone buzzes with a message"

'Just arrived, going for a coffee before the library'

'Ok, anything else you would like to tell me?' I text back.

Silence... Then 15 minutes later my phone buzzes again.

'Are you sitting down?' is all it reads.

Followed 2 seconds later by a photo message. I open it and it shows your stocking tops and a hint of your neatly trimmed pussy. I know it is a photo of you because I can see your distinctive freckles just above your stocking tops... WOW! My mind races and I am sure my cock grows an extra inch....

Another text comes through,

'Like what you see? want me to make your biggest fantasy a reality????

What have you been up to? How could I not have seen this coming? Were you going to meet someone behind my back? You had called my bluff and the mixture of sexual excitement, fear, jelousy and need for you to do this made me so horny.

'OK' I text back.....

I don't hear another word from you for the rest of the day, my mind is racing, I experience the most exciting and erotic sensations I have ever had. The wait is mind blowing and the images I am drawing in my head are some of the most erotic I have ever imagined.

I will save what happened for another day but I think we all know that you had an amazing day of constant male attention. I'll leave it to your imagination if it was with one guy or several, older gent or young buck. Maybe you called me to come and join you or maybe you just sent me photographs by phone to drive me crazy. Maybe you stayed all night or came home with a nice present between your legs and running onto your stocking tops!

I'll mull these thoughts over for a few days and update the story once I have explored all of the possibilities!! If some of you reading this would like the story to go any particular way, please let me know...

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Easter Holiday Fun...

Mrs OSM has just spend a few weeks with her parents, catching up with friends which gave my imagination free reign to run away with itself!

Whenever she goes away she catches up with her girlfriends and the last few times she has caught up with some old school friends that I don't really know and its this that's been the focus of my thoughts. When I called on Saturday evening to say hi, I was hurried along because she was getting ready to go out. I asked her who she was going out with and she rattled of a list of people I had never met before. Some of the guys I know had partners and some had split from their partners recently.... more food for my imagination! As the designated driver for the evening I knew she would be on her best behaviour, or so I thought.

I got a call at about 10.30pm from Mrs OSM which was a bit odd in itself as we never really call each other when we are out. I had had a few drinks and plucked up the courage to ask her if she was flirting! Much to my surprise she said yes and thats what she was calling me about, HA! It turns out that one of her old school friends was being very friendly towards her and he had made it clear that he wanted to take his advances further. I was speechless, a little jealous and a LOT turned on! I asked her what had been happening.

She told me that it probably started when she was getting dressed and ready to go out. She had decided to wear a skirt for the evening, something she doesn't wear as often as she would like, topped off with a pair of high heels. Here blouse was a semi transparent black top that showed off her bra and perky little titties. What finished the look off for her and what made her feel very excited and a bit naughty was her Agent provocateur underwear and stockings!
She drove around her friends and picked them all up to go to the pub and (lets call him R) R sat in the front beside Mrs OSM. As she drove her skirt moved up her thigh and the split to the front revealed a stocking top to her friend. She noticed his eyes being drawn to her milky thigh on view above her stocking top and decided to leave her skirt where it was so he could enjoy her legs even more! She told me that it made her feel horny as hell knowing she was on full view to this guy....

In the pub, she told me that he wouldn't leave her side and she was really enjoying his attention. Knowing that my biggest fantasy was to see/hear about her being with another guy, she asked me what she should do....

This is where my fantasy could take a number of different turns which I need to mull over before sharing wityh you... Why not let me know what way you would want to see things go and I could write in some of your fantasy as well...